Hello lovely peoples!

I hope you are riding out the intense energy surrounding this full moon on the summer solstice. There was a bunch of things shifting in the world at large and it generally meant that a big ol’ spotlight was shone on any parts of your life that needed to change.

For me, that meant dealing with massive vulnerability, getting comfortable on the leading edge of change, and letting go of the last bits of unworthiness and fear that were lingering.

More and more, the energy level on the planet is going up. Loving yourself 99% of the way is not going to cut it. Pretty soon, the only way will be pure, 100% unconditional self-love.

It actually will begin to take EFFORT to remain in an unloving vibration.

As more light is brought into the world, there is often a corresponding illumination of the dark icky stuff. But, how lucky is it that we have hands of light that can just hose that sh#t off! 🙂

Self-care, Reiki, and meditation – that is your life-raft through these turbulent energetic storms.

The huge benefit of these upswings in energy is that it is also a huge potential for growth, expansion, abundance, and basically living the life you have always dreamed about.

The full moon is all about harvest. Will you harvest your dreams or your fears?

Don’t worry if your focus has been on fears lately. The strongly positive energy coming in puts more weight on your positive thoughts. As soon as you think about your dreams and daydreams with hopefulness your manifestation energy will turn on a dime.

Stay hopeful. Go on a bad thoughts diet. Keep your gaze fixed on what you want and the feeling of it. Surrender the poopola holding you back. AND know, 100% you are worthy of all this and more.