In this episode, Geneva Robins answers your questions about Reiki and spirituality. Ask a Reiki Master Anything! We compiled a few frequently asked questions and the top questions asked on Google for this podcast. If you have more questions, it is our most favourite thing to answer them! You can leave us a message here: LunaHolistic Podcast, and we’ll answer you on an upcoming episode.

How do I connect to the Angels?

If anyone else can connect to the angels or their spiritual team, why not you? This was the idea that motivated my spiritual journey to expand my intuition. As I connected to my Reiki practice, I expanded my connection to spiritual guidance. Reiki has a way of opening up the channels to universal life force energy, and with that connection flows not just energy but also information.

With time and practice, you can learn to have conversations with any spiritual being with whom you have a connection. Getting clear energetically with the Reiki self-healing you learn in our Level I course helps you get clearer messages and strengthens your intuition. There is also a question-and-answer practice and divine connection meditation in my book The Secret Art of Happiness that helps you strengthen your connection to your higher being and Divine Team.

How long does it take for Reiki to work?

It does really depend on the person and the situation, of course, but many people feel calmer and more centred right away after a Reiki session. A willingness to change is also a big factor as that helps to mobilize an energy to help clear out the old and welcome the new. Some people feel changes right away; sometimes, it can take a few sessions. Each session creates a momentum behind it that really helps to build on the energy shifts of the one before.

Usually, I recommend getting two or three sessions about a week apart if you’re dealing with something acute that is bothering you a lot. Then, as things calm, you can space them out every month or two just to keep everything flowing and open. By the end of three sessions, you’ll have a good idea of how Reiki works for you and where it fits into your self-care plan.

What do you wear to Reiki?

Wear comfortable clothes to your Reiki session or Reiki class. Reiki is fully clothed on a standard massage table, so you can wear what you feel most cozy in. If you’re coming straight from work, that’s no problem, just wear what you have on! We’ve got lots of blankets and pillows, so you’ll be warm and comfy.

Reiki class is the same! Just be comfortable and wear what makes you feel happy.

What does seeing a purple light in Reiki mean?

Purple is the colour of the crown chakra and usually indicates a spiritual connection to an energy that is protective, loving, and pure. So if you’re seeing purple in a meditation or Reiki session, most often that means that you are connected to source energy or that universal life force.

In our work with Reiki, we use a practice called the Violet Breath that keeps the energy clear and straight from Source. Your practitioner is guiding the Reiki energy from the Universe to where you need it. Seeing a purple colour often means that the session is helping you connect to that pure and protective energy.

Who invented Reiki?

Master Mikao Usui lived in Japan from 1865 to 1926 and is the founder of the Usui Shiki Ryoho System of Natural Healing, the form of Reiki we practice at LunaHolistic. Master Usui studied a Buddhist Qigong practice, and after a 21-day meditation at the base of a waterfall on Mount Kurama, he got the insight for the creation of the Reiki system of natural healing. All of our Reiki practitioners can trace their lineage back to Master Usui.

Can Reiki treat Depression?

IMPORTANT: Depression is a life-threatening illness, and it is very important that you have a good support team of medical and mental health specialists to help you. If you live in Alberta, you can call 988 for suicide prevention and 211 for access to a 24-hour support line and other social support services like shelters and emergency child care.

Reiki can be a wonderful addition to your care plan for depression. Some people feel a lifting of their spirits right away, and others find that a series of Reiki sessions are helpful. Reiki is much like a facilitated meditation, so you can get help getting into that calm mental state and get some support as you learn to practice meditation and grounding techniques. We hold the energy steady for you so you can harmonize with the feeling you want, peaceful, calm and grounded.

Of course, big problems require a big team, and we often work with therapists to help support people with a variety of mental health challenges. If you’re looking for a therapist in the local Calgary area, we recommend Joanna Card or Leah Thompson. They are both wonderful therapists. We highly encourage you to find a qualified therapist in your area if you are struggling with depression or think you might be.

What does Reiki feel like?

Warm and cozy! You can sometimes feel a buzzing or tingling or a deep sense of calm or peace. Some people fall asleep! You can feel the heat from the practitioner’s hands (our hands heat up a lot from Reiki) and even the continued feeling of the hand even after the practitioner has moved on. It’s pretty cool.

Most people feel a deep sense of calm. They feel more grounded and centred, and that feeling can last for days to weeks after the session.

What is Reiki good for?

Reiki is fantastic for relieving stress-linked conditions. You get help to drop out of the fight-flight response and into the relaxed parasympathetic part of your nervous system. That restful state is where the body can heal itself. You often get insight into the mind-body connection and an awareness of how events in your life may relate to your physical well-being.

We set an intention before every Reiki session which changes the focus of the energy healing. You can set your intention to be for anything you like as long as it is positively worded and just about you. Reiki can help with past life healing, releasing patterns and unwanted habits, multigenerational healing, connecting to your spiritual team and angels, manifesting abundance, or connecting to your life purpose.


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