[UPDATE: We’ve moved into a beautiful new space at #105, 2003 14 St NW in Calgary. We’ll be reopening soon when it is safe.]

Yes, it’s true. We’re moving at the end of February 2021.

The building has been purchased and the new owners need the space we are currently in, so we’re moving to a new space.

We have a short timeline so we’re still looking for our new cozy space. And we’ll let you know how the search is going. So far we’ve looked at a few new options, and we’re committed to creating a wonderful new location for you.

What a year of transition and it’s only just begun!

Yes, I’m sad to see our little space go and I know that you may be too. So much healing and laughter and transformation occurred in those walls. But I’m also deeply trusting that this is a message from the Universe that it is time to expand and illuminate.

LunaHolistic's cozy old home - Moving to a new space!

I’ve always trusted that this work is fully supported by the Divine in every aspect, no matter how small. And I know that every time LunaHolistic has moved it’s been important and needed to help more people. I know that this transition will be so very good.

Now for the details!

Yes, we are still open up to February 20th. There are only a few appointments left, so if you’d like to be in the space one more time, make sure you book today!

You can book in here: https://www.lunaholistic.com/#book

Our classes and VIRTUAL sessions continue!

We’re still open for online sessions and classes, so you can also book in with us until we’re set up in the new space. If you haven’t tried distance Reiki yet, it is seriously cool. Learn more about our virtual sessions here.

How can you help us?

There are two big ways that will make all the difference to us.

The first is to hold the vision of a beautiful new space in the best location. You are a powerful manifestor! Your prayers and intentions are powerful and we feel it!

The other thing that would help us enormously is if you could write a short Google review for us here: CLICK

Reviews are the lifeblood for a business and help people know why this place is the right fit for them. It is a huge help.

A Spiritual Place

I know that LunaHolistic has been a space of transformation and healing for many people for many years now. It’s special. Maybe it’s changed your life too. We’ll take good care of that precious energy for you.