In this episode, Geneva Robins and Alisia Marie chat about getting out of a funk and into alignment with the law of attraction and all of the good stuff in the Universe. Join us on our tumble down the psychic rabbit holes, and find out how the Universe syncs up with you. Thanks for being here.

Get out of the funk and into a state of action

Many people feel that burnt-out sensation of just feeling heavy like everything’s dragging. Doing little bits of self-care in the form of meditation helps recharge things. Even imagining green plants and beautiful, sunny days can help you shake off that heaviness.

Knowing your cue to reset 

If you notice that you’re numbing, sitting in front of Netflix, watching TV, scrolling through Facebook, going to the fridge and staring, eating more junk, these are all cues for self-care. Do something for yourself that will disrupt that old coping pathway. 

When you know your numbing cues and witness when you’re in it, begin to take tiny self-care actions to move forward. Ask yourself, “How can I become more positive and aware and continue with the path?” 

Monitor what you’re consuming

The first step is to look around and see what is happening. Just by witnessing the pattern, you can begin to turn the tide. Monitor what you’re consuming on a daily basis. Include what you are looking at, hearing, interacting with, and eating and drinking because what you put in often reflects how you feel. 

Notice when you’re avoiding whatever you must do, but it may be scary. It’s vulnerable. It’s important.

Disrupt what you’re doing

Guided meditations are helpful and can shift your energy in just a few minutes. Look up white noise or calming instrumental music like binaural beats. Music is a powerful healer. Put on a favourite tune and dance a bit of joy back into your body. 

Gratitude! Write a quick list of what you appreciate, and if you’re struggling, make it up! Gratitude is the opposite of criticism and can begin shifting your mindset within a few minutes. See Geneva’s book The Secret Art of Happiness for more gratitude tools and affirmations.

Gentle exit routes back to yourself

Go back to the energy. Do really simple things like getting up and getting a drink of water, walking around or doing a little bit of stretching and yoga. Do one little tiny, positive, healthy thing for yourself. Choose something that is nurturing and gentle. Looking for gentle exit routes, back to what you need to do to move forward on your dreams. 

Pressure off leads to productivity

Sometimes it’s as simple as going to bed early and getting a good night’s sleep. Start fresh the next day. In taking that pressure off, you can also give yourself space to do the self-care to refresh your energy rather than push through. Play and let yourself have fun. Do things that recharge you and help you disrupt the negative cycle. When you return the next day, you’re ready to begin again.

What do you do when you want to throw in the towel on your Dream?

Have a support system. Creating a group of friends or family who are your little personal cheerleading team is very helpful. When you feel like giving up, ask them to cheer you on and cheer you up.

Make it simple. Just do one thing instead of doing all the things. Everything you do in life is a step-by-step process. Sometimes when you start looking at the really big picture, it can become extremely overwhelming. But do a tiny thing, even a little nibble on the edges. Start tiny.

Switch to manifesting mindset

From a mechanistic mindset, the way the ego views the world, we might see ourselves as this little tiny person trying to push against a giant boulder. One of the things that really helps is to switch instead to the manifesting mindset, where you see yourself as connected to a conscious and loving Universe.

Everything is connected to everything else

We live in a quantum world where everything is infinitely connected with everything else. All states of matter, all atoms, vibrate, and below the level of the physical, the energy that is the field of awareness in the Universe is conscious. 

The foundation of the Universe is pure consciousness. When we can get ourselves into the state or frequency of pure consciousness in meditation or Reiki, we send a signal out that is responded to instantly by Source Energy. You send out the big dream, right from the centre of your heart, and you receive back the baby step.

The Universe communicates with The Feels

The Universe communicates to us with feeling, like a little magnetic nudge or impulse. It gives us only what we can handle, one or two instructions. All you can do is what you can do in this moment and not a single thing more. 

Follow the frequency

When you have what you want, how will it feel in your body? 

Get acquainted with that feeling of relief, freedom, satisfaction, and joy. Leave the details uncertain; you don’t need to know how it will all play out; all you need to know is that feeling. And then, every time you have a choice, pick the one that aligns with that feeling of fulfillment. 

The Universe is a sea of superimposed possibilities.

Until you make a choice, all possibilities are superimposed; they all exist. As soon as you make a choice, you collapse that wave of infinite possibilities into one thing. And so if you pick an apple instead of an orange, that’s a tiny little collapse of a wave function, your life then goes on a different trajectory, and you’re now standing in a new place with a whole new array of options in front of you. 

If you’re making those decisions from a place that is aligned with the feeling state of what you want to manifest, then you’re going to get new waves of potential energy. 

You change the fabric of reality around you, and you get a different world. Doors that used to be closed or not even available start opening. You start meeting people; synchronicity goes up, you see repeated numbers and signs over and over again, and you get into this sort of sweet spot where you get these little indicators of synchronicity that you’re on the right path. It creates a wave of joy in front of you, and life changes for the better.



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LunaHolistic Podcast 09 Transcript

How Do I Get Out of My Funk and Into Alignment With the Law of Attraction

Hosted by: Geneva Robins – LunaHolistic 

Facilitated by: Alisia Marie

Podcast Air Date: Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Episode: LHP09

0:05  Welcome to the show

GENEVA ROBINS: Welcome to the LunaHolistic podcast! I’m your host, Geneva Robins, and every month on this podcast, we’ll talk about Reiki, as well as answering your questions on all things spiritual. We are gratefully located in Calgary in Treaty 7 Territory. Thank you all, and welcome to the show!

Hello, and welcome to the LunaHolistic podcast. My name is Geneva Robins. And today I have Alisia Marie with me. Say hi, Alisia. 


GR: It’s good to have you here. I’m really looking forward to talking about magnetic manifesting and how we can align ourselves with the law of attraction and all of the good stuff in the Universe. It’s something that we, you and I, talk about quite a bit. So, I’m happy to tumble down the psychic rabbit holes, [laughs] talking about how the Universe syncs up with us, with you today. So, thanks for being here.

AM: Yeah, thank you for having me. 

1:22 Breath of gratitude and micro-meditation

GR: Yeah. What we’ll do to start, which is something I always love to do, is our collective breath of gratitude. So, just taking a little micro-meditation moment. So, for those of you listening, if you happen to be driving a car, you know, keep your eyes open. But for everyone else, you can gently close your eyes and just take a few deep breaths. Just letting everything go with a big sigh of relief. 

And just noticing the land below your feet, noticing the energy and vibration within the planet. Guiding, supporting and nurturing you in every moment. Might feel this, like, just the sense of gravity holding you steadily in its embrace. Just sending a thought of gratitude to Mother Earth, for all of the abundance the earth naturally provides, all the things that we maybe don’t think about as abundance like clear air and fresh water and open beautiful green spaces.

Just allowing that gratitude to extend out from you in all directions and receiving back that wave of gratitude. Allowing it to fill your cup. Each exhale, exhaling gratitude, and each inhale, inhaling gratitude.

And see if you can soften the breath even more, letting everything relax, restore, and reset. Lovely, thank you. And when you’re ready, you can gently open your eyes, wiggle your fingers and your toes. And yeah, thank you. Thank you for joining me on that little ride. How did that go for you, Alisia?

AM: That was great. I was able to have a few minutes of peace and quiet. So, that was wonderful to collect my thoughts. I love meditation very much.

GR: Yeah, it is really, really lovely. It’s, for me, the “go to” move whenever I’m confused, or upset, or just kind of tired and dragging, taking those little moments wherever I can nab them. 

I always think of it as like stealing back time in five minute segments. [laughs] You know, I kind of look around really greedily throughout my day. And wherever I can find a slice of time for self care, I take it. [laughs] So selfish, taking all that time for meditation [laughs] 

But I think you have to. It was one of the things we were talking about before we hopped on the call, was just how you, I, lots of people are kind of feeling that, like, kind of burnt out sensation of just feeling heavy, like, everything’s dragging, which I think is also kind of this time of year. We’re recording this in February, so it’s cold here [laughs] right now.

And there’s sometimes it’s just with the weather, and that it’s dark, and it can really, like, kind of tap out your energy reserves. So, for me, doing self care in the form of meditation kind of helps recharge things a little bit. 

Even though it’s wintry and cold. I imagine, [laughs] when I did that little meditation just now, I imagined green plants, because that’s what [laughs] I want right now. [laughs] Yeah, so, beautiful, sunny days filling, filling my schedule. [laughs] 

But I’m curious for you, on that topic of, like, things that help you shake off that, like, heaviness. I know you have two awesome little boys who are, like, full of energy, which is exhausting all in itself. And you’ve got an incredibly full, vibrant, packed schedule. 

What are some of the strategies that keep you going, in terms of self care? What hits the reset button for you?

6:38 Knowing your cue to reset

AM: The reset button for me. I was just actually asked that question not too long ago, by another individual. 

So, when I notice myself sitting in front of Netflix, watching TV. I know, when I have a billion other things to do, and I’m sitting in front of the TV, I know that that is my cue to say, “Okay, I need to do something for myself.”

In order to get out of this slump that we all see, especially with all the new seasons coming out, what I do is, I kind of look around and I monitor what I am consuming on a daily basis, because I notice what I put into my body reflects how I feel. 

And then I use a few different meditations, some from your website, on LunaHolistic, which is really beautiful and super easy to follow. 

And sometimes, if you just put into Google, like, white noise or calming effects, those are really, really good and very powerful, if you want to read or if you have to study, kind of gets you out of the mindset of that slump. And it’s just similar [to] what you did before we started the episode, with the five minutes of Reiki and from gratitude. 

So, knowing your cue, I think, is the most important spot. And when you do know your cue, to move forward – “okay, how can I become more positive and more aware and continue on with the path?” Because if you sit in front of the TV that doesn’t sometimes serve the best purpose, and it’s just knowing when it doesn’t serve the best purpose is kind of how I do that.

GR: Yeah, I always think of it as – there can be this slippery slope, right, of life.

AM: Yeah. [laughs]

GR: You can just tumble down into this spiral of numbing, that only increases, it doesn’t decrease. And then sometimes it’s also, like, accompanied with, like, the shame pit thoughts, you know, it’s like, I think of it as, like, this terrible vortex that sucks you into the absolute darkness. And that along the flat part of this cone pit are all of these little red flags of, like, “Go back, go back!” 

You know, like, if I’m doing this, you said it – Netflix is seeing what your little numbing signals are, what your red flags are. If I’m doing this behavior, that means then I need to go do this. Yeah, so finding those little red flags that are sort of signals to, like, turn back and do something different, are totally important to know. 

And everybody has their own, right, of like, now I know I’m numbing. I’m not just kicking back and relaxing. This is like – I am absolutely avoiding whatever the thing is that [laughs] I don’t want to do, or I know I need to do, but it’s maybe scary. It’s vulnerable. [Or it] could [be] because it can be both of those things, that can kind of get us stuck. 

And for me, my go to thing is, like, when I notice that I’m doing that, I always think – okay, I need to go back to the energy, so I must need a form of energy. But I’m not feeding myself the right fuel. So, coming back and doing a little bit of meditation, a little bit of Reiki. 

And then also, like, really simple things, like getting up and getting a drink of water, or walking around, or doing a little bit of stretching and yoga, like something that’s going to disrupt what I’m doing. And it’s like, because sometimes I find it’s like, even if I can interrupt that numbing signal, or that urge to numb, even for a moment, then I can get myself onto a new track. 

So, it doesn’t have to be like, “Oh, now I have to drag myself to do the thing.” It’s like, “I’m just gonna do one little, tiny, positive, healthy thing for myself that is nurturing and gentle.” And sort of, I’m always looking for gentle exit routes, [laughs] back to it. 

And then also, just sort of like, if I know that I have a day where it’s like, [ugh] I just really didn’t get anything done, then I kind of will, sometimes I’ll just say, “K, I’m calling it quits on this day.” I’m not going to ask myself to do anything strenuous, but I am gonna go to bed early.  And so I will go to bed at, like, eight o’clock. 

Like, I find being tired or sort of dragging is, like, sometimes it’s as simple as, like, going to bed early and getting [a] good night’s sleep and, like, starting fresh the next day, because there’s some days that are just, like, a gong show. And it’s a write off. 

And then sometimes, in taking that pressure off — sometimes my most productive days are the days where I let myself play, or I let myself have fun. Because then my mind starts getting curious. And I find curiosity is often the way out of that numbing and avoiding, [it’s] like, let’s just do something on the edges. 

Let’s just do one little easy bit, let’s do one part of it that I can put, like, stickers and glitter and, you know, I can get crafty with it. You know, if I can somehow make that thing fun, or enjoyable, or give myself a little, like, reward for my inner four year old, then, you know, [that] can [laughs] kind of get [me] going. 

Yeah. How does that sit with you, Alisia?

AM: Yes, I think that’s very true. I took a psychology child class last semester, and curiosity was one of the biggest key traits for children’s mind to develop. So, I totally agree with you. 100%.

GR: Yeah, but I think it’s like, curiosity is, like, important for kids. But I think it’s so crucial for adults – getting curious. 

For me, sometimes that can, like, take me out of anxiety. You know, it’s like, because anxiety is this thought of, like, “what’s gonna happen!” But then if you’re curious, it’s like, “what’s gonna happen?” It changes the whole tone. 

And so you can kind of go into that mystery, into that unknown. And with a little bit more bravery, with the feeling of being an explorer, instead of being, like, pushed and shoved into the scary future, where you don’t know what’s going to happen. 

You know, so, yeah. Because vulnerability, and doing brave things, can often lead to this side effect of, like, numbing like mad, and avoiding like mad. 

You know, I know you’re incredibly passionate about, like, helping people, and you’ve got a lot of irons in the fire. You work at LunaHolistic, and you’re, like, doing a lot of things to help people, you know, in your career. 

And I imagine that you might get to places where you’re like — I’m just gonna, like, toss in [the towel], like, I don’t want to do this anymore. This [is] [laughs] too hard. I know I have gotten there. What has helped you when you want to throw in your towel on your dream? [laughs]

14:15 Manifesting your vision in small baby steps.

AM: Yes, that happens often. I think the biggest key factor is: my support system inside of my home is very, very, very strong. My husband and my two boys, even though they’re only little guys. Their [encouragement] and compassion towards me when I feel that way. They’re like, “Mom, you can do it, you can do it!” 

So just [getting] your own little personal cheerleading team is very helpful. And when I get down to that, or I do want to throw the towel in and just go get a — just stop everything, and just do one thing instead of doing all the things. I have a board in my office. It’s kind of — it’s like a vision board, but it has a different type of vision. 

It’s a calendar, and it has all the tasks on it. So, I look at the tasks, and then I can just start identifying them, like, in small baby steps. And then that helps me take a big chunk. It’s just like, everything you do in life is a step by step process, it’s when you start looking at the really big picture, sometimes it becomes extremely overwhelming. 

And that’s when manifesting comes into play, you can manifest the big, big picture, but to get there, it’s the small baby steps. And I think that’s the key thing, and identifying that.

GR: Yeah, yeah, totally. Thank you for pivoting back to our original topic. [laughs] 

AM: Absolutely!

GR: Brilliant. Yeah, cuz it’s, you know, when you do have that big, passionate vision, it’s, you know, it can be daunting. And you also can sometimes feel, like, here’s the thing that I really, really want to do. And if we tackle it from, sort of a mechanistic mindset, or like, sort of from maybe the way the ego views the world, we can see ourselves as this little, tiny person trying to, you know, push against a giant boulder to change things.

I’m making a huge assumption that a lot of our listeners are likely changemakers in the world, they’ve got, like, this big heart inside of them, and they want to help people. Yeah, I think that’s a fair assumption [laughs]. If you’re not one of those people, you can always send us a message, I’d love to talk to you. 

Most of the people I connect with these days are just these shining beams of light in the world. 

And so, one of the things that really helps or switches from that, like, ego mind, which is — “I’m small, I’m alone in this, I can’t do it, it’s too big for me,” — is to switch instead into that, sort of, manifesting mindset. Where you see yourself – which I think is the truest truth, and is the real world, is that we live in a quantum world, where everything is infinitely connected with everything else, all states of matter, all atoms vibrate. 

And below the level of the physical, the energy that is the field of awareness in the universe, is conscious. In my view, it is loving, and it is connected to us. And it is pure consciousness. 

And so, when we can get ourselves into the state or frequency of pure consciousness, and when we can sync up with it with meditation, or Reiki, or sometimes this is, like, riding your bike or exercising. Sometimes people get into that peak and flow state, in their brain, where you feel connected, where you feel at one and at peace with the “all that is.” 

And when we’re in that state, that is like that peak frequency zone, where not only are you communicating to the universe, like, “hey, universe, I’d like some of this, please.” Like, “I want this, you know, career path to be easier,” “I’d like to get this kind of job,” or “I would like to, you know, fill my schedule with clients, you know, people that I can help and I know I’m doing good work,” you know, all of that, sort of thing. 

We kind of send that call out to the universe, it’s like a signal that we send out. And then, when we’re in those peak states, or without that seed of connection, we can get an answer back. And it’s always that, I always think of it as, like, the big dream and the baby steps. 

So, you sort of send out your big dream as, like, right from the center, [the] core of your heart, right from your soul. Like, the longing inside of you is, like, “I know, this is part of my purpose.” This is a feeling I have, being willing to serve humanity, the world, in this positive, illuminated, uplifted way. And how do I do that? [laughs] 

And so, you get back the baby step. Because all time is now — every moment you’ve ever lived happened now. And the universe communicates to us with feeling, with knowing, with the, sort of, little magnetic nudge or impulse. And it gives us only what we can handle, sort of like Google directions, or whatever. You put where you want to go into the divine computer, and it’s not going to give you all 122 steps of your path, from where you are to where you want [to] be, it will give you the next step. 

And if you’re going really fast, like on a highway, it’ll give you maybe — turn left and then right, it’ll give you one or two instructions, it won’t give you everything. Because it knows, it’s loving. All you can do is what you can do in this moment, and not a single thing else. 

And so it will only tell you, what’s the next step. And then, what’s the next step? And when you get into that flow, sometimes the next step is: go to bed early Geneva, [laughs] get up the next morning, but write a list of all the things you want to do tomorrow. And then we’ll help you with that, you know. 

Or sometimes it’s as simple — like, in Reiki, we meditate with our hands in Gassho, which is in prayer position. And it’s like, sometimes the instruction for me is literally, like, put your hands together, Geneva. [laughs] And so, I do. [laughs] And that gets me out of whatever funk I’m in, and into a sea of action. 

And it can make it really, really simple, because then you just follow that frequency, and follow those little, tiny breadcrumbs from one thing to another. Yeah, that’s how it is for me. How does that sit with you? What’s your spin on it?

AM: On how to manifest? 

GR: [Yes].

AM: Would you like my spin on it from a personal perspective, a school perspective, or a professional perspective? 

GR: Yes. 

AM: All three?

GR: All the above! [laughs]

21:46 How to properly manifest.

AM: Oh my goodness! Okay. That’s wonderful. 

In my opinion, in my experience, to properly manifest, what works best for me is, what is it — at the peak time, you know what, timing for me is important. With a busy schedule, with children, with school, with work — when I’m driving, safely, of course, with my eyes wide open [and] on the road, it is a very good time for me where I can connect to Divine. I’m not quite sure what it is. But it’s one of the safest spots that I do feel. 

And I think, as I’m driving, you’re so focused on what you had said, like, “Okay, is it — which turn is next, right? The steps… 1, 2, 3.” And then, certain thoughts just kind of come to my mind, like, “okay, yep, I gotta do A, or I gotta do B, outside of driving. And then, when I come home, before I go to sleep, I really identify, like, what time I’m going to bed, whether it’s nine o’clock or 10 o’clock. And that, for me, is really important, because it’s a huge transition period.

If I’m manifesting at 10 o’clock, after a super long day, it doesn’t seem to give the proper results. As opposed to — if I’m more focused at nine o’clock, everybody’s safe, everybody’s asleep, and I’m not excessively tired. I can then really identify, like, “Okay, where do I want to go from all levels?” If it’s a school level, professional level, and a personal level, the time for me is very important. So, I usually do that about nine o’clock at night. 

And I just have a really clear, focused mind when I’m making the cues in my head to manifest, and how that’s going to happen. Sometimes I’ll draw pictures, sometimes I’ll take down notes. And if not, then sometimes – I usually fall asleep. And the reason why I like to fall asleep afterwards, is because it’s the last thing that I thought about. 

So, when you’re sleeping, your brain’s really thinking about all of the things that you just thought about before you went to bed. Because, what does Google say, it’s not good to watch TV or have any screen time two hours or so prior to falling asleep, which is almost impossible for a lot of people who work, or a lot of people who are in school, or … maybe. 

But when I do follow those guidelines, when I wake up in the morning, I feel a lot more refreshed. And then, I continue on that little bit of manifesting and say, “oh, okay.” Like, this becomes more clear now, because I’ve unconsciously thought about it when I’ve been asleep. And then that allows me to create a bigger vision board, and then, that’s just kind of the process that I go about it.

GR: That’s brilliant. That’s brilliant. It reminds me of a process that you did with me when I had a couple of options. I don’t know if you remember this or not, but it stuck with me because it was really powerful. 

I had a couple of choices that I was sort of wrestling with and I wasn’t quite sure. It was really difficult to, kind of, get a clear read on sort of, my compass, you know, the “which way is the best way?” And you got me to write down — take two little pieces of paper. 

Do you know this? You know what I’m talking about? Do you want to explain how you do that — making choices by the feeling of … yeah.

25:03 Alisia’s advice for choosing the right path.

AM: Yeah, yeah, absolutely. So, what I suggested to Geneva was to write down, on two pieces of paper — because you have two hands, that’s where the two pieces of paper came from. And you write down the two thoughts that you have, or the two answers that you want to know, or the two of anything that you can’t seem to figure out, and you put them in your hands. 

One left, one right. And then, what I believe, if I remember correctly, is just really take a deep breath, and essentially kind of close your eyes, and feel which one has more of a positive feeling in your hand, or more feeling of, like, that is a connection. 

And that –sorry, backtrack, you mix them up, so you don’t know what is in what hand. [laughs] ‘Cuz I was like, “wait, I’m missing something!” And then, when you put them in your hands, you don’t know which [one] is in which hand. 

So, I believe that you do have that connection to that thought or idea. And then, when you close your eyes, you don’t know which one [is] in your hand. And then you open your hand to the one you think that you feel the most connected with. Is that correct?

GR: Yeah. 

AM: Yes! Okay!

GR: Yeah. And it was neat because one felt — ‘cuz I remember it, so clearly. One felt like holding, like, a staticky, spiky, crackling ball of electricity, and the other one felt warm and glowing, and filled with light. And it was so fascinating to me, because it wasn’t like – you know, I thought both of the options were kind of good. [laughs] 

Like, they weren’t – it wasn’t like, I was like, “here’s one terrible option, and here’s one great option.” I really did feel like they were — I was struggling to choose. But it was so apparent to me that my body knew, and that was the other thing, when you gave me this, like, beautiful cue, which was to, like, go into, like, what the body feels, or like my deep soul intuition is, like, the part of me that knows. The part of me that I can always trust to make the right choice is the part that’s connecting to the energy.

And it’s this vibration of truth, like the truth inside of me is responding to the truth inside of those two options. And it was so obvious, and I was a little bit surprised [by] what I pulled. I can’t even remember what my choices [were], like, what was on those pieces of paper, I just remember the process so well. 

And that’s one of the things that – little plug here – one of the things that Alisia is so great at, if you happen to be listening, is that she is so incredibly gifted at tuning into the Law of Attraction. And when you are at, say, a crossroads, I really like calling up my friend, Alisia, but you can book in as an intuitive session, or a Reiki session at LunaHolistic. And just ask – here are these things, this is where I want to go with my dream. And these are the choices that I’m facing. 

You know it sort of is nice if you are confused, to get a little bit of help getting clear on your own compass. And what I like about it is that it’s a combination. I find your readings are a combination of my intuition and your intuition. That you encouraged me to – you have this, like, beautiful way of like, encouraging me to use my own knowing, and tapping into my own sort of instincts. 

And then, also combining it with your own – you know, the information that you’re getting. I find that it all aligns really, really well, you know, and that when you say something, it’s like, it zings with me. 

And so, it’s paying attention to that, sort of like – Louise Hay calls it sort of your inner “ding.” Or just something, you know, like you get sort of a sensation inside, or it rings as truth. Sometimes people get, like, head to toe chills of just like, “yeah, that resonates with me.” 

Because it forms a harmony with – inside you, where you want to go, where your big dream is. And then, you get this sort of, like, clarity of what your next steps are. 

So, that’s why you’re awesome. [laughs] 

AM: Aw, thank you! Right back at you!

29:21 How to find your ideal workplace.

GR: Thanks! [laughs] One of the things that, you know, we also do here is Reiki. And with Reiki, we spend quite a bit of time at the beginning of a session, which I think is always so key to the results of the session, to set that positive intention. 

So, if you’ve got a dream, or a vision of something that you want to have happen — so, maybe more abundance, or a more aligned career that’s sort of more in harmony with your soul. Or if you’re in a stage where you want to make sort of a pivot in your life, and, you know, that you don’t want to be where you are, and you want to be somewhere else. 

One of the keys is to sort of take a moment to tune in to: how will it feel in your body when that dream is manifested?. So, one of the things is that, sometimes we don’t know how we’re going to get from point A to point B. How are we going to go from where we are to where we want to go? 

And we have, like, this sense of – maybe you want a better job. And something that’s more aligned with your soul path. And so, even if you’re not sure what that job is, you can get a sense of it. So, I often think of, like, imagine sitting in your ideal workplace, and then close your eyes. And you will have a feeling in your body of being in the perfect workplace. 

And it usually feels like: open, free, creative, productive, satisfying. Everybody has their own sweet spot mix. You know, some people are like, “I will feel empowered and driven and passionate,” and other people will be like, “I will feel mellow and peaceful.” And so, everyone has their own energy mix that they thrive on. And so, you will get that sense, and it’s really —  feel it in your body. 

And get really accustomed and acquainted with that feeling of relief, and freedom, and satisfaction, and joy. And so, then you can leave the details uncertain, like you don’t need to know how it’s all going to play out, all you need to know is that feeling. And then, every single time you have a choice, and I mean, every choice — from, like, what snack you’re going to have, to which way you’re going to drive home from school or work, or whether you’re going to call your friends now or later. 

You know, every time you have a decision, you do – what they call [it] in physics is – you collapse the wave function. So, until we make a choice, all possibilities are superimposed, they all exist. And as soon as you make a choice, you collapse that wave of possibilities, of infinite possibilities of how that moment’s gonna occur, into one thing. 

And so, if you pick an apple instead of an orange, that’s a tiny little collapse of a wave function. Your life then goes on a different trajectory, and you’re now standing in a new place, with a whole new array of options in front of you. And if you’re making those decisions from a place that is aligned, or as close to that feeling state of what you want to manifest, then you’re going to get new waves of potential energy. 

You actually, literally change the fabric of reality around you, and you get a different world. And doors that used to be closed, or not even available, start opening, and all of a sudden you start meeting people, synchronicity goes up. You see repeated numbers over, and over, and over again. You get into this, sort of, sweet spot where you get these little indicators of synchronicity that you’re on the right path. 

And life becomes more and more joyful, because [for] every choice you’re tuning in — which one feels more like open, which one feels more like alignment. And even if you’ve got an array of terrible choices, one of them will always be, like, a little bit more like a breath of fresh air, you know, there’ll be a little bit more of a flow to it. And so, then you just take a step towards that one. And bit by bit, step by step, you get into a different place. 

34:25 The need to know where you are headed. 

GR: So, there is that, like, need for that big vision, we need to know where we’re headed. Otherwise, we just end up in some random place. You know, it’s sort of like, if you get into the back of a cab, the driver says “where to?” And you just sit there and you don’t say anything, right? 

Like, if you don’t give the universe a direction, it’s just gonna give you a smattering of random places, you know, and you won’t be directing, sort of, the trajectory of your life. And you have to let the universe provide the most optimal route. 

You don’t need to worry about [making] a wrong choice, because just like GPS in your car, it will reroute you. You’ll get a new set of options, and then you can redirect. And so, don’t worry about missing out or, sort of, I forget the common term or phrase, which is like, missing the ship or something, you know? [laughs]

AM: Like FOMO, Fear Of Missing Out.

GR: Fear Of Missing Out is, like, you know, don’t worry about missing that opportunity. Because, you know, ships run on schedules, you know. There’s always a next one, the next day, and these opportunities come at regular and rhythmic opportunities. 

And if you do this little tool, to tune in to the vision, know how that feels, and then make every choice that’s closest to that feeling, you can create opportunities that didn’t exist before. 

And that’s why you’re listening to this podcast right now, is because I did that, to walk myself out of a job that was totally fine. I was good at it, made lots of money at it. And it wasn’t my calling, it wasn’t my best area of service. And when I was in it, something in me was suffering, because I knew there was something more I was supposed to be doing with my life. 

And so, I knew it was healing. And I knew Reiki was a big part of it. But I didn’t know how that would look, because I didn’t start there. You know, I had no examples of anybody who went from a science job to a spiritual job. 

And so, for me, it was like, there was no path — I had to make my own. And so, I just stepped one step, by another step, by another step. And then, I would course correct and tune into my vision, get help along the way. And now we’re here. [laughs]  So, yeah, how does that sit with you, Alisia?

AM: I think that’s really perfect. Especially because a lot of people who are most likely listening, or maybe have just skimmed by the podcast, maybe they’re not happy in a job that they currently are [in]. 

So, to hear your bravery of stepping out of a well liked job, well paid job, into the unknown, I think really would, kind of, [be] in sync with a lot of the people who are listening. So, to have that bravery is very important. And you succeeded, because you’re on the other end of a very successful, positive company. And it’s run beautifully. 

And I can say that, I’ve worked in a lot of different places. So, you’ve made it work on the other end, with no path. So, I think it’s very, very well suited.

GR: Awesome. Thank you. Thank you for that little plug [laughs]. 

AM: You’re welcome. 

GR: Yes, yes, and you also have walked that path of leaving a job you’re good at, and pays lots of money. And instead followed a dream, and a passion to, you know, go back to school, and you know, work at, you know, LunaHolistic part time. And while you’re raising these two little boys, like, you’ve got a lot on your plate, but you know, you’re walking the talk. 

So, I think that’s, you know, a really good fit for anybody who is maybe at a juncture, sort of standing at a crossroads. Where you don’t want to be where you are, but maybe you’re not sure where, what the next step is. You can book in with Alisia, or any of the other practitioners here at LunaHolistic. 

I do Energetic Eight Business Coaching, which is basically using the model of the chakra system to, sort of, move you forward on your big dream. And using lots of the strategies that I’ve learned, and put together, and created for myself, and learned from other people, to basically give you a framework to make decisions about your business you want to go into. 

Or maybe it’s a creative dream, like that book you’ve always wanted to write, that’s sort of burning a hole in your back pocket. Or a course that you want to create, or anything like that. I do that as coaching. And then, I also have an Energetic Eight Business Course, which is in pilot mode. So, I am creating it as we speak. 

And so, you can get in now, it’s never going to be cheaper than it is today. Eventually, it’ll be a several $100 to maybe several $1,000 course. Right now, it’s an incredibly good deal. So, go check that out. You can find that link on the resources page. And we’re here to help you. 

So, to close off Alisia, do you have any final thoughts or, sort of, wishes for listeners?

40:09 The power of your own destiny.

AM: No, I think the best thing I can offer anybody who’s willing to listen is to be open to any dream that you want to have. Because nothing’s out of reach as long as you believe that it’s not out of reach. 

You’re the power of your own destiny.

GR: Ah, brilliant! Nailed it. Mic drop. No further words are required. Thank you so much for being here today with me, Alisia.

AM: Thank you for having me.

GR: We’ll catch you all next time. 


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