In this episode, Geneva Robins and Alisia Marie chat about getting out of a funk and into alignment with the law of attraction and all of the good stuff in the Universe. Join us on our tumble down the psychic rabbit holes, and find out how the Universe syncs up with you. Thanks for being here.

Get out of the funk and into a state of action

Many people feel that burnt-out sensation of just feeling heavy like everything’s dragging. Doing little bits of self-care in the form of meditation helps recharge things. Even imagining green plants and beautiful, sunny days can help you shake off that heaviness.

Knowing your cue to reset 

If you notice that you’re numbing, sitting in front of Netflix, watching TV, scrolling through Facebook, going to the fridge and staring, eating more junk, these are all cues for self-care. Do something for yourself that will disrupt that old coping pathway. 

When you know your numbing cues and witness when you’re in it, begin to take tiny self-care actions to move forward. Ask yourself, “How can I become more positive and aware and continue with the path?” 

Monitor what you’re consuming

The first step is to look around and see what is happening. Just by witnessing the pattern, you can begin to turn the tide. Monitor what you’re consuming on a daily basis. Include what you are looking at, hearing, interacting with, and eating and drinking because what you put in often reflects how you feel. 

Notice when you’re avoiding whatever you must do, but it may be scary. It’s vulnerable. It’s important.

Disrupt what you’re doing

Guided meditations are helpful and can shift your energy in just a few minutes. Look up white noise or calming instrumental music like binaural beats. Music is a powerful healer. Put on a favourite tune and dance a bit of joy back into your body. 

Gratitude! Write a quick list of what you appreciate, and if you’re struggling, make it up! Gratitude is the opposite of criticism and can begin shifting your mindset within a few minutes. See Geneva’s book The Secret Art of Happiness for more gratitude tools and affirmations.

Gentle exit routes back to yourself

Go back to the energy. Do really simple things like getting up and getting a drink of water, walking around or doing a little bit of stretching and yoga. Do one little tiny, positive, healthy thing for yourself. Choose something that is nurturing and gentle. Looking for gentle exit routes, back to what you need to do to move forward on your dreams. 

Pressure off leads to productivity

Sometimes it’s as simple as going to bed early and getting a good night’s sleep. Start fresh the next day. In taking that pressure off, you can also give yourself space to do the self-care to refresh your energy rather than push through. Play and let yourself have fun. Do things that recharge you and help you disrupt the negative cycle. When you return the next day, you’re ready to begin again.

What do you do when you want to throw in the towel on your Dream?

Have a support system. Creating a group of friends or family who are your little personal cheerleading team is very helpful. When you feel like giving up, ask them to cheer you on and cheer you up.

Make it simple. Just do one thing instead of doing all the things. Everything you do in life is a step-by-step process. Sometimes when you start looking at the really big picture, it can become extremely overwhelming. But do a tiny thing, even a little nibble on the edges. Start tiny.

Switch to manifesting mindset

From a mechanistic mindset, the way the ego views the world, we might see ourselves as this little tiny person trying to push against a giant boulder. One of the things that really helps is to switch instead to the manifesting mindset, where you see yourself as connected to a conscious and loving Universe.

Everything is connected to everything else

We live in a quantum world where everything is infinitely connected with everything else. All states of matter, all atoms, vibrate, and below the level of the physical, the energy that is the field of awareness in the Universe is conscious. 

The foundation of the Universe is pure consciousness. When we can get ourselves into the state or frequency of pure consciousness in meditation or Reiki, we send a signal out that is responded to instantly by Source Energy. You send out the big dream, right from the centre of your heart, and you receive back the baby step.

The Universe communicates with The Feels

The Universe communicates to us with feeling, like a little magnetic nudge or impulse. It gives us only what we can handle, one or two instructions. All you can do is what you can do in this moment and not a single thing more. 

Follow the frequency

When you have what you want, how will it feel in your body? 

Get acquainted with that feeling of relief, freedom, satisfaction, and joy. Leave the details uncertain; you don’t need to know how it will all play out; all you need to know is that feeling. And then, every time you have a choice, pick the one that aligns with that feeling of fulfillment. 

The Universe is a sea of superimposed possibilities.

Until you make a choice, all possibilities are superimposed; they all exist. As soon as you make a choice, you collapse that wave of infinite possibilities into one thing. And so if you pick an apple instead of an orange, that’s a tiny little collapse of a wave function, your life then goes on a different trajectory, and you’re now standing in a new place with a whole new array of options in front of you. 

If you’re making those decisions from a place that is aligned with the feeling state of what you want to manifest, then you’re going to get new waves of potential energy. 

You change the fabric of reality around you, and you get a different world. Doors that used to be closed or not even available start opening. You start meeting people; synchronicity goes up, you see repeated numbers and signs over and over again, and you get into this sort of sweet spot where you get these little indicators of synchronicity that you’re on the right path. It creates a wave of joy in front of you, and life changes for the better.


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