In this podcast episode, Geneva Robins and Melissa Jaswal (Adams) talk about distance Reiki. What is Distance Reiki, how does it work, and how might it help you.


What is a Distance Reiki Session like?

Distance Reiki is where the practitioner can do Reiki on someone, literally anywhere in the world. Your Reiki practitioner could be here in Calgary, and you could be in Ontario or Japan; the distance doesn’t matter. This is possible because Reiki transcends time and space. It will reach that person if their intention is to receive Reiki. As soon as the session starts, the energy starts flowing. 

With a Virtual Distance Reiki session, you pick a time that works for you, and all you need to do is be in a place where you can relax. And just like a regular Reiki session, we chat together, and you talk about what’s going on, and then set an intention. The intention is the focus of the session, what you want to get out of the session or the energy you would like to draw into your life. Then the practitioner sends you Reiki and guides you into a meditation. At the end, you chat about your experiences, just like an in-person session.

Relax at Home 

The shifts you can make in a Distance Session are just as big as those in an in-person session, sometimes even bigger. Sometimes you can go in such a deep, relaxed state because you’re at home. You’re in this restful place where you feel totally comfortable. And when you are more relaxed it can be easier to notice the energy helping you. 

Get into alignment with the Law of Attraction

If you’re working on things like drawing your life purpose towards you, manifesting the beautiful life you want, or getting into alignment with abundance, you can set that as an intention in a distance Reiki session.

The law of attraction is a frequency-based process. When you’re in the same harmony or frequency as what you’d like to draw into your life, then it starts arriving. You can set your Virtual Distance Reiki intention to be in that energy of fulfillment. Then we can hold that space for you and help you stay in that high vibe frequency that matches everything you want. Then you just stand back and watch what happens in your life. 

A virtual distance Reiki session is like an energetic fine-tuning. 

Beyond Time and Space with Distance Reiki – How Does it Work?

As a practitioner, you do the same steps in the same order as you would in person. The only difference is that you’re just missing the physical touch on the body. But in terms of the energy, everything else is identical. You don’t need to be in the same room as the person, because the energy is beyond time and space. 

The studies have yet to be completed, but a possible working hypothesis on how Reiki works is that it is a quantum mechanical effect. When you get past the atom level and go into that subatomic quantum realm, there is a field of energy that underlies all matter and is infinitely connected with everything else.

With Distance Reiki, the practitioner is sitting in their home, and they use Reiki, which you could think of like quantum tools, to create a pathway or an opening in time and space and reach out their energetic hands to wherever the person is. The practitioner imagines the energy flowing to the person as though they were in the room. The effect and energy will instantly arrive wherever that person is. 

Distance Reiki Works!

We know from our own experience and our clients’ experience over all of these years that it works. We know that to be true. So we always have a 100% guarantee you’ll be happy with the session you got. And if you’re not, we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked. 

Experience a Session

The more relaxed you are when you receive a Reiki session, the more likely you will connect to your intuition. Sometimes, you are also more aware of what’s happening with your own energy. 

In virtual Reiki sessions, we like to keep people on the line. So we’ll do the session over zoom or over the phone. When you’re in a distance session, treat it like a regular session, sit still, and get cozy. We guide you into a meditation and relaxed state. We might coach you to breathe and visualize with different colours or energy. And then we always leave the last little bit to share experiences. 

It’s so amazing. We’re not really adding anything in Reiki sessions, both distance or in-person. We’re letting that beautiful spirit that’s always been there, your heart, your soul, and that energy have more space. You get more space to breathe and let that sure, confident, beautiful, loving, compassionate self lead more choices in your life. 



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