Sound healing sessions are a non-invasive and gentle way to balance and restore the energy of the body, mind, and spirit.  The practitioner may use several different instruments to create the natural vibrations that resonate with the body and create a sense of balance, peace, and harmony.  So what is a sound session like?

You already know the power of sound

Mmmm…. That moment when your favourite song plays on the radio.  Familiar melodies sweep you away.  You immediately shush everyone in the car.  Labels blur as you stand listening in the grocery store aisle.  In the waiting room, the article you were reading is no longer important.  For a moment, the world stops.  And you dance.

A sound healing session is like an energetic concert for your body.  The vibrating frequencies that your body loves and will naturally jive to.  

The First Instrument – The voice

One of the instruments being used to create your favourite song is the oldest one in the world.  And the only one made by nature – the human voice.  Your body resonates to the frequencies of the voice. 

The practitioner uses certain phrases to channel the flow of energy.  These phrases may also be in the form of affirmations or mantras.  This channel of energy enters your body through your chakras.  

Each chakra has its own sound.  Vocalizing these sounds helps to bring in the energy and restore the chakra.  The practitioner may also use their voice by toning, chanting, or even singing.  

Other Instruments

During a sound healing session, several different instruments may be used to create the powerful change you need.  

Although the incredible strumming of an electric guitar is astounding, this is not quite what you would find during a sound therapy session.  But you will get to experience some of the oldest instruments there are.  The drum has been used since ancient times to bring the body back to its natural rhythms.

Tibetan singing bowls have been used over the centuries.  These bowls are known as a type of striking bell.  The specific frequencies they create will resonate with different areas of the body and auric field.  

Over the past few decades, crystal singing bowls have also been created.  The sound from these bowls is of a very clear frequency.  Crystal bowls can reach a higher frequency and cover a broader range of musical notes.

Chimes, bells, and gongs are other types of instruments that are beneficial for restoration.  Similar to the drum, these instruments help to align the rhythms of the body. 

Tuning Forks

The benefits of tuning forks were first realized in the 1700s.  When the researchers used the forks, they realized that the vibrations had a profound effect on the air around them.  Researchers then began to look more closely at how the forks may benefit the body.  

Tuning forks are used to balance energy, realign the chakras, ground the body, and increase the flow of energy within.  Individual forks cover harmonic ranges.  There are also tuning forks that are tuned to the planet frequencies and the universal Ohm.  

What is a Sound Session Like?

During sessions, sound is always used in a soft, gentle manner.  The sounds do not have to be loud for the body to pick up the frequencies. 

For a sound healing session, you don’t have to do anything; you just get to relax.  The practitioner may have you sit in a chair or lay on a massage table.  The practitioner will put you in a restful state.  You may even fall asleep during the session.  

Once the channels of energy have been opened, the practitioner will choose which instrument to use for you.  Some sound practitioners specialize in certain sound tools.  Others may mix the instruments and sounds they use depending on the messages they are reading from your body.  

The instruments will be held around your body.  The practitioner will move around you, holding the instrument several inches away from your body.  As they move, they will activate the sound.  They will listen to the reverberation to get an idea of where in your body or your auric field you need the sound most.  

The focus will then be on the part of the body that needs it.  The practitioner will stay in that spot until they feel a shift in your energy or a change in the sound.  This indicates balance.  The practitioner will then move on to another area.

A sound healing session may also simply include bathing you in sound.  Letting the vibrations surround and comfort you.  The sound will go where it is needed.  You are awash with positive frequencies that your body will rise up and naturally align with.  

The vibrations and frequencies you receive during a sound session stay with you long after the session is over.  The sound continues to keep your body restored and in balance, just like that favourite song that continues to play in your mind long after the music stops.

A sound healing session is like “that old time rock and roll.  The kind of music that soothes the soul.” The soundtrack for your energetic well-being. 



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