About Deanne Barrett

Deanne Barrett will tap into the superpower of your imagination and connect you with universal life force energy. Deanne uses nature imagery and nature sounds, essential oils, and your body's own wisdom to activate your body's healing capacity in each transformational energy healing session. Deanne has experienced many powerful transformations of her own life which has allowed her to become a Soul Parenting Activator. Deanne powerfully combines her connection to Spirit with her Masters in Education degree and 14 years of experience as a High School English teacher to activate parents into their authentic power, so they can be a MASSIVE influence in their teen's life. You can find out more at

Love in the face of rejection: When your teen pushes you away

Does your teen make a plan with you and then ditch you for her friends? Does your teen say hurtful things to you? Does your teen squirm away when you try to be physically affectionate? Even the nicest teens say mean things. True story: I remember looking at a photo of my Mom when she [...]

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Just for Today, I will be Grateful

Just for today, I will be grateful. I can’t commit to being happy all the time, but I can commit to being grateful, one day at a time. In fact, it is my daily commitment to gratitude that keeps me going. Giving thanks has been part of my life for as long as I can [...]

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