Sit Still. Write Daily.

I love writing.

There was a time when that statement was definitely not true for me. In high school, I did well in my English classes, but I never read a novel that moved me or understood poetry. Fiction and creativity were a hurdle, a puzzle to unravel to get an A.

I took a career path that led me through writing from the logical and linear trajectory of a scientist. Writing in that capacity is all about sequence, structure and flow. The main goal is not to lose the reader through the thorny path of data and theory so they emerge on the other side, knowing what you really need them to remember.

I learned the craft of writing in the most unromantic way possible, writing, rewriting, editing, and re-editing technical documents until the rhythm of grammar stuck in my head. A methodical tap, tap, tapping that would let me know if there was a piece of my paragraph that was out of tune.

My writing might have stayed in the realm of technical literature if it wasn’t for a series of profound spiritual experiences that were intense and magical beyond my capacity to explain them. And I didn’t just want to explain them; I wanted to share them. I wanted to express the depth and texture and richness of my experience so that other people would feel what they were like.

For me, as soon as I started to write a feeling, I started writing poetry. What is more, I started to understand poetry. Understanding poetry was something that I thought I was incapable of before I tried writing it. Writing helped me stretch the bounds of my courage and gain a greater understanding of the transformation that was occurring in my life.

From early dabbling in poetry to novel writing and blogging, my writing has expanded tremendously. Writing started as a way to share experiences, but now it has become the experience.

I am happy to return to blogging daily. The commitment to posting something daily has coaxed many great pieces of writing from me. Now, I feel I have somehow shifted away from the inner critic who says, ‘You have nothing to say’ to the abundant muse, constantly whispering ideas in my ear. It is delicious.

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