Natalija Radovanovic

Reiki Master

Hi! I’m Natalija.

I’m a Reiki master and am so grateful to be put on this path. Since level one, I have never looked back!

In-Person & Virtual Sessions

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Life Transformation

Reiki has guided me to a path of self-healing and acceptance. It has helped me clear old energies and patterns that were no longer serving me and propelled me into the unconditional love and support from the universe.

I practice self-healing, meditation and the Reiki ideals daily. I value the work I do for myself. The more I continue to do the work, the more I can show up for others so they can move through their journey.

Guided to Empowerment

I’ve had intuitive abilities since I was a child. I honour and trust my intuition and also offer oracle and tarot card readings for extra messages and guidance from the Divine.

My purpose in doing this work is to help others connect to their mind and body through the support of the universal life force energy. To hold safe space while helping you achieve clarity and guidance as you move through your individual healing journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Reiki with Natalija puts you in touch with the TRUE you. She’s so kind and friendly and holds space for you just as you are. Her calm insight and joyful manner put you instantly at ease so you can receive the best session.

Geneva, Reiki Master

Connect with the True You

I had a really good experience. I struggle a lot with always being in my masculine energy because it’s never felt safe to be in my feminine energy, and I feel like my session really helped on the journey of healing my feminine energy as well as with feeling safe and confident with myself.

Sophia, Reiki Client