I love love love Angel and Oracle Cards. I always get such cool messages and I love seeing the clarity on the hidden themes in our lives. So I’m starting a new series in my blog where every so often I post a reading and how I interpret it. I trust that you will read this when it makes the most sense for you.

If you really resonated with a part of the reading, please let me know in the comments below. Feel free to share this post with friends who might benefit from a few kind words. Sometimes sharing these little random messages of love can really brighten someone’s day. 🙂 Enjoy!!

Lighthearted Spirituality FTW!

Laugh! Why so serious? Sometimes all this spiritual stuff comes with an attitude of somber silence. We are not to giggle and enjoy ourselves; This meditating and personal growth stuff is serious business!!

Of course it is. It is. But life is also seriously silly and sometimes the energy we need to carry us through a rough patch is laughter. A good hearty dose of laughter.

One of the fastest ways through anger and worry is to actually lighten up and laugh. Laughter shakes loose our attachments to ego and from there we can being to breathe new life into our soul.

Lightheartedness is also a sign that we are breaking free of the clutches of the ego and showing ourselves some real kindness. Lovingkindness is not just for others, but for us too! Being lighthearted is really just filling your heart with light. It is not about being careless; it is an act of tremendous care and compassion. Some of the most spiritual people I have ever seen bubble up with overflowing joy. Laughter is spiritual!

Greening Up Your Life – An Act of Love

The fairies are these little supercharged dynamos of love, light, laughter.  They live in the wildness and embody our collective love of nature, mystery, and magic. Loving the planet is something fairies acknowledge and respect. So when you act in a kind and loving way for the planet, the fairies will offer you that same kindness.

Because fairies are so close to the earth, they can help you manifest anything you need to complete your life mission. Just ask for help and offer an act of service for the earth and they will give you a loving and magical result. Expect little random acts of kindness and marvellous synchronicities in the coming days.

Everything You Are Wanting, You Already Are

So it is springtime in the Northern Hemisphere, and spring is often associated with new projects, new crops and new adventures in life. So sometimes, with all that newness flying around, we get impatient with our progress. We want that new shoot to flower and fruit, right now!


It is just beginning. It takes time for things to materialize. And we need that time to get ready for the next stage. Waiting is good. It is preparing. It is learning. It is the gathering times. It is the rest we need so we can be ready for the next big leap forward in our personal evolution.

Surrendering to the natural timing of things is hugely healing. Releasing the struggle, the need for it all to happen right now, the way our limited human minds want things to unravel; releasing all that gives you tremendous freedom.

The wisdom of this Divine and perfect timing is actually right within you right now. Right within you, right now, you have your own perfect timing device — your heart.

Your heart is wise. It already knows when things will happen and what you need to do in this exact beat.  If you go within, just for a moment, you will find a treasure house of wisdom. It is all yours right now.

All you need to do is:

  • Close your eyes.
  • Focus on the Divine light in your heart.
  • Breathe deeply.
  • And allow that light a little more room in your life.

Be open and receptive to any wisdom, images, feeling, or guidance that bubbles up. Over time, this little turning inward meditation will give you tremendous peace, love, and guidance. Trust your wise and loving heart to lead you on your path today.