So, a funny thing happened the moment I decided to return to blogging daily…

It crashed. My website, it crashed hard. My access to the backend of my site was completely FUBARed. Even now, I am not sure if my words will just pop into the ethereal internet abyss.

I am a huge fan of reading the synchronicities of life. I always explore the metaphors encoded in the randomness. The meaning of each event is instant feedback on how I am sending out my signal to the universe. I can see where I am, energetically, by looking at my results.

Sometimes blocks and barriers are huge gifts. A message to not go down a certain path, essentially saving us from experiencing further difficulties.

This is not one of those times! This time the real challenge the universe is leveling at me is one of commitment. ‘Are you really ready to show up and be your best self out there? Are you really ready to persist through challenges? Do you have what it takes to be yourself and be real? Are you going to give up or get going?

The answer is so clear. Yes. I am here. I am showing up. Even if no one gets to read these words due to a temporary glitch, I am here. I have finally figured out what I am meant to be doing in life, teaching. I have finally realized what my Dharma path is and now all I have to do is follow it.

Sometimes these blocks are more about spurring us onward. Once you can’t have something you want, all you want to do is get it.

It is clarifying. To be blocked means you either have to find another way or go another way. When the block pops up just as you are moving forward on something big, it doesn’t always mean stop. Often it is there to inspire dedication and persistence. To have the tenacity to see your unique path through, that is why we have these little delays. To fire you up and start moving you forward.

These obstacles mean that a choice needs to be made. Are you going to give up on your dreams? Are you going to turn away from the life you want? Are you going to resist the urge to expand because of fear of exposure, failure, or vulnerability?


No, you are not.

Neither am I.

“Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way!” ~ Dr. Suess