Amethyst is one of the best crystals to start your crystal collection. It is a most often a beautiful violet colour, but it can range from very pale lavender to a deep purple. It is easily found in natural points, clusters, and polished and tumbled shapes.

I compiled the main properties of amethyst from several crystal books. These properties are the most common ones that most crystal experts agree on.

Energetic Support

Amethyst EnergyThe main energetic support that amethyst offers is protection, cleansing your energy body, expanding your consciousness and deepening your spiritual work. Amethyst can also help release negativity and attachments.

Amethyst also supports connection with your spirit guides, shielding, removing entities and energy blockages, past-life healing, manifesting goals, dissolving karma, discovering causes of dis-ease, exploring dreams, connecting to Divine guidance, astral travel, and receiving angelic guidance.

Mental and Emotional Support

Amethyst MentalEmotional

Amethyst is a great support to your meditation practice, expanding feelings of calm, reducing stress, enhancing sleep, increasing clarity, and helping you to release addictions.

It also can support self-control, feelings of peace, easing nightmares, relieving mental disorders, enhancing memory and learning, expanding love in your life, enhancing your intuition, breaking habits, stabilizing and releasing emotions, decision making, enhancing communication, achieving balance, and easing anxiety.

Physical Body Support

Amethyst is a great support to the physical body by easing headaches and migraines, supporting the nerves, nervous system and brain, supporting healthy skin, balancing the endocrine system and hormones, and supporting the head in general.

It also can help with pain, lungs, liver, intestines, immune system, heart, hearing, eyes, blood, and arthritis pain.

Of course, crystals are only safely used as part of a holistic approach to health. They do not replace your doctor, therapist, naturopath, chiropractor, good nutrition, exercise, or drinking water. Common sense makes the most sense!


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