What do you do when your healing work is done? In this podcast episode, Geneva Robins and Kim Johnston chat about the neverending awakening and expansion of the spiritual journey. Our favourite thing to talk about is the transformative process of unpacking old stuff and expanding further into the light.

With an engineering background, Kim had been doing energy healing work since childhood but kept that part of her life hidden. The journey of learning Reiki helped her go through some really challenging times. She began learning Reiki with Geneva while in graduate school to get her Ph.D. in engineering. 

In graduate school, there are times when it can be really difficult and lonely. Like many people in grad school, Kim was dealing with impostor syndrome and thoughts like “What am I doing here in graduate school?”, “What can I do with my life?” and “Who am I?”

Learning Reiki helped Kim feel more comfortable and confident and heal old thought patterns. Coming into the community of Reiki class was so supportive and nurturing. Opening her heart up to self-love, expansion, and acceptance was a big shift in her spiritual journey. 

Now, as an engineering professor, Kim works with psychologists to create programs that are starting to change the culture. Mental well-being is essential, and we need to be able to talk about difficult topics everywhere, including in the university setting.

We’re human beings, not human doings.

Our culture teaches us that much of our value is based on productivity and accomplishments. A big part of the spiritual journey, in the beginning, was unlearning that attachment to having to be productive, to have value. 

The truth is that your worth is just simply you being you. You just have to show up and breathe, and that’s enough. 

Connect to the unconditional loving space

If your worthiness is based on something external, you pay such a great inner cost. You’re always chasing the thing outside of yourself. It’s always just beyond your grasp. It doesn’t matter what you accomplish; it doesn’t matter how good you are. If there’s a tape in your head that says “Never enough, ” it just never shuts up. 

There’s no amount of enoughness to satiate that beast. And then, in the chasing of the external, we can lose that numinous, luminescent, ephemeral beauty that’s part of life. We lose our ability to witness the miracles happening all around us all the time. 

The spiritual practice is really about connecting to unconditional, loving energy. And the spiritual doorway or mind-body mental health tool that gets you to that luminous state is up to you. 

That unconditional love state can be created inside you by connecting to the universal lifeforce energy. For us, Reiki is one of the many pathways we use to connect to that infinite well-being. You get in harmony with the greater flow of Divine energy, and then you can create absolute magic in the world. 

 And so then, what’s next? What do we do when we’ve healed our stuff?

The first few years of the spiritual journey are often about healing the old stuff, clearing out limiting beliefs, and things from childhood. 

Then there’s a time when your spiritual work shifts from the pain of the past to expanding further into joy and happiness. You come to a place where you’re really comfortable and in a good place on many levels. You begin to love yourself and have true inner acceptance and peace. 

Transformation and Elevation in the Spiritual Journey

The work transforms as we do. You begin to ask how you can help support other people in their journeys and start to heal our culture. 

How can I be the next level of myself and usher in a little bit of a new way of being for myself and society? 

What opens up is choice and freedom. Letting go of the idea of a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ choice and opening up to all options being good and wonderful in their own way. Sometimes when you’re faced with multiple options, you can feel trapped because it might seem like there is a right way or wrong way, that one way is safe and the other is not.

But after clearing and healing old beliefs, a new, open, and expansive environment is created, where all of the options are actually beautiful and delightful. You start to flow easily with creativity and choice. When you start doing your healing work, you realize everything we do is a choice; we get to choose every aspect of it. 

Connection to Creativity on the Spiritual Journey

The old internalized beliefs fade away as you follow your spiritual journey. Dualistic beliefs, that we are one thing or another, lessenas we do our spiritual work. We let go of the idea that you’re either creative or scientific. You’re either a man or a woman; if you’re a man, you don’t get to be womanly, and if you’re a woman, you must not be manly. When those limiting beliefs fade, you can be anything.

Aspects of creativity can open up, and you get ideas for projects you want to make and bits of life you want to experience. These can be artistic or applying creative solutions to your daily work. It is all part of the greater creative flow of energy that naturally opens when you are on your spiritual journey.

Keep Going with your Spiritual Practice

The exact same practice that helped you heal will also elevate and transform you as you expand into your spiritual self. And really, both happen at the same time. No matter how far along you are on your spiritual path, there can always be things to heal and bring to the light. And even if you are new to the path, you can have these deep and transformative experiences that elevate yourself and others.

When you have something to be healed, Reiki will heal it; when you don’t have something to be healed, Reiki will elevate and transform you and uncover something new. 

As you deepen your spiritual practice, you undergo a process of unveiling and transformation. You unveil different aspects of yourself and allow the most genuine version of yourself to be uncovered. In that process, you bring more of yourself into your life, and in that way, you create so much good in the world around you.

Your Spiritual Journey Heals the World

Uncovering the creative self opens up after healing trauma. You connect to the energy and ideas within you with flexibility and openness. And most importantly, your healing creates the safety to play. 

You create a safe space to explore who else you can be and how else you can express things. That space opens for you, but then you can also hold that space for others.

Your spiritual journey creates a massive shift in communities and, ultimately, the world. Because if everyone felt safe to bring the best of themselves to the world, that would bring about illumination on a global scale. It means transcendence of suffering and the flourishing of the individual and everyone else.

Human consciousness is evolving in a bit of a different way. People are no longer content to be kept in one little box of identity. All of the things that used to be rigid and unyielding are becoming a lot more expressive and open. We are expanding our consciousness and are using all these tools, Reiki, yoga, meditation, reading, self-help books, and positive psychology. It all works together to create joy and expand the light.

It’s an exciting time to be alive in the space of expansion of human consciousness.


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