Yeah. So. Vulnerability sucks. (Can I get an amen!?)

It is the rough and tattered edge of what we previously thought was possible for ourselves. It would be easier to be comfortable with the status quo.

“Don’t ever change anything!”, shouts our ego.

But if we enjoy breathing, change we must. Either way, life will continue to push all our buttons and shake everything loose and upside down.

Why not grow willingly?

Because it is friggen scary! (Yes I really said friggen. It’s a word. No biggie.)

Yeah. Nope.

But… there are so many ideas, so many projects, so many dreams. If life will just continue handing out change, it might be better to have a hand in choosing what flavour that change might be.

I recently returned to my one-on-one Reiki practice. I am renting space out of Self Connection in NW Calgary. Don’t look on my website for more information. It is not there, yet.

For some reason, my ego chose this tiny step as the one that would put me into vulnerability mode. Wanting to hide and shrink out of sight.

I haven’t listened to this run-and-hide part of myself. Well… Not really. It slowed me down from posting or sharing this information with people. But it couldn’t stop me from sharing it with a handful of friends.

Aren’t friends amazing! They give you space to squeak out “I really want to…” or “I just started…” statements.

Friends give you practice with saying what you are doing and who you are becoming to the world.

Practice with wading through the icy waters of the unknown and being okay with not feeling okay.

So, here I am. Taking a baby step toward telling more people that I offer Reiki out of Self Connection Books and that they can contact me directly (403-801-2373 or to set up an appointment for a 90 minute session for $120.


Website and poster update coming soon! No really! I am definitely planning it. 😉

It will all happen. Getting the word out. Getting comfortable with this step. Happily helping others. Feeling nervous, but being brave anyway.

[**Update, now I have a whole Reiki centre! 😀  I could not have known then, that this tiny brave step created a wave of expansion and positive change. Being brave really does ***]