Butterfly silk: Weaving a tale of transformation 

Imagine tiny golden threads… No… not even that large. Imagine golden, light-filled strands, tiny filaments of silk. A breath and, afflutter, they swoosh and swirl away. Less solid than a curl of incense rising from the offering. […]

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Shining eyes and heartfelt smiles. Sincere hugs and shared laughter. Watchful mentors and eager students. Careful questions and thoughtful answers. Feeling joy on the inside and kitchen table revelations. Tea and hummus. Mostly, humbled and expanded, but starting and starting again. A daring journey into unknown territory. Surrendering the need to figure it all out. [...]

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Tiny steps

Tiny tiptoe tiny steps Treading onto Teaming streets. Racing traffic Impatient outbursts. Time to Put your Toys away. Tempting time It may seem to you. Travel lightly Follow fast. Find the light Within the past. Some remember Some forgot. Not your job To make That choice.

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