We love Reiki. It has significantly improved the quality of our lives. But everyone is different, you might have other results. We can’t make any claims as the science is still underway. Please check out our testimonials, to see what other people have experienced.

Experience is the best teacher! The only way to really know if Reiki will work for you is to try it out. We believe in it fully, so if you try it and you’re not pleased, we’ll give you a 100% refund.

The biggest overall result we see in our clients is a feeling of calm and peacefulness. Knowing the dangers of stress and its toll on the body, we find Reiki to be an effective way to access the centred and peaceful state where the body can heal itself.

Reiki is a wonderful complementary discipline. It works best as part of a balanced approach to your care and is phenomenal at the spiritual and energetic side of your wellbeing. We often have clients referred to us by other healthcare professionals. We also refer our clients out to other forms of health care too! Our goal is always your well-being. We always say ‘big problems need a big team’, we encourage you to be a curator of your own care.

Reiki puts you in a meditative state. The benefits of meditation are very well documented in the scientific literature. Reiki is like a meditation you get help with! So if you struggle with gaining a calm, peaceful state in solo meditation, Reiki might be very helpful for you.

It’s only a matter of time and funding dollars before Reiki has the same weight of evidence as meditation. (If you’re a researcher, we’d love to work with you! There’s some very interesting work we’ve been exploring on trauma and Reiki.) We’ve collected some interesting data over the years on the link between Reiki and Stress reduction. You can run your own experiment here: Reiki and Meditation Science Experiment

There are some interesting emerging articles that might be worth a read:

CBC Radio Tapestry: “Can Reiki be a legitimate treatment if no one can prove how it works?” 

The Atlantic: “Reiki Can’t Possibly Work. So Why Does It? “Is Reiki real? Does it matter whether Reiki is real? And whose definition of real are we working with: Is it real according to the presiding scientific and medical framework, which tells us that phenomena need to be measurable to be taken seriously, or is it real in the looser, unquantifiable way of spiritual practice?”

Of course, here at LunaHolistic absolutely know Reiki is real and it has remarkable effects in many aspects of our lives. Check out this post on our blog:  Quantum Leaps: How Reiki Works