Will Reiki help me with my illness or condition?

We love Reiki. It has significantly improved the quality of our lives. But everyone is different, you might have other results. We can’t make any claims as the science is still underway. Please check out our testimonials, to see what other people have experienced. Experience is the best teacher! The only way to really know [...]

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What’s a Reiki Appointment Like?

During a Reiki appointment at LunaHolistic, you are fully clothed on a standard massage table. You lie still for the session and the practitioner may also guide you through a gentle meditation in the beginning so you can completely relax to receive Reiki. Your intention or positive affirmation for the session guides the energy. At [...]

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What Is Reiki?

We’re so glad you asked! Reiki has been around for a long, long time, but it is still gaining popularity in the West. Reiki is energy – Universal Life Force energy – that flows out of the hands of the practitioner to the person getting the session. It's just like chi in martial arts or [...]

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How Do I Send You A Review?

Yay! We love reviews. You can post one directly to Google here: https://g.page/r/CRyglauUjvJrEAg/review If you'd like to share an anonymous review that we can post on our website, please share it in the form below: Check out our other testimonials: Click Here.  

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Can I Get An Appointment Today?

No, sorry. We only take appointments 24 hours in advance. We often book weeks in advance. If your preferred staff member is booked, please consider booking with another of our excellent people. They are all amazing! If you need help finding an appointment, please message us at info@lunaholistic.com. If you are in the middle of [...]

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Do You Offer Discounts?

We have discounts available for our package rates of three, five, and eight sessions available when you checkout your appointment booking.  We also offer an Equity Rate for our 90-minute sessions which you can choose at checkout. Our Equity Rate is our compassionate discount for Indigenous, Black, or Visible minority people, as well as Students, [...]

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Can I Buy A Gift Certificate Or Gift Card?

Yes! You can buy a gift card online [Click Here!]  You can customize the message and picture for your special person and it gets sent to their email address. Gift cards never expire at LunaHolistic. Your person can book a session that suits their schedule right on our website. They will be so happy! If [...]

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Is Tipping Customary?

It is totally up to you. We always appreciate it. A typical amount is between 10% to 20%, or about $10 to $30. Tips aren't paid in advance when you book online, but you can leave a tip by cash, credit, or debit when you're here. We're grateful! On coaching and other business services, no [...]

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My credit card isn’t working on your website

If your card isn't working (and it should be!), oftentimes it is a difference in the postal code between what's in our system and the one for your credit card statement. The postal codes have to be the same as a security feature. To double-check or edit your postal code in our system, click here. [...]

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