How Do I Send You A Review?

Yay! We love reviews. You can post one directly to Google here: If you'd like to share an anonymous review that we can post on our website, please share it in the form below: Check out our other testimonials: Click Here.  

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Can I Get An Appointment Today?

No, sorry. We only take appointments 24 hours in advance. We often book weeks in advance. If your preferred staff member is booked, please consider booking with another of our excellent people. They are all amazing! If you need help finding an appointment, please message us at If you are in the middle of [...]

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Can I Buy A Gift Certificate Or Gift Card?

Yes! You can buy a gift card online [Click Here!]  You can customize the message and picture for your special person and it gets sent to their email address. Gift cards never expire at LunaHolistic. Your person can book a session that suits their schedule right on our website. They will be so happy! If [...]

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Who are the LunaHolistic Practitioners?

We have the most lovely humans here. Read through our practitioner stories on our team pages. Click here! Every single Reiki practitioner here is trained in the LunaHolistic style of Reiki right to Master Level. That means they have a minimum of a year of practice, often much more. They're dedicated to their own spiritual [...]

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Where are you located?

We have our beautiful, cozy space in suite 105, 2003 14th Street NW in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We're located a couple of blocks north of SAIT and the North Hill Mall Click Here for directions and a parking map for the LunaHolistic Reiki Centre.

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