If you are brand new to Reiki…

Start with Reiki Level I.

If you have taken Reiki Level I with another teacher…

We recommend taking LunaHolistic Level I before continuing on to Level II with us. We teach a much more in-depth course at LunaHolistic than most other Reiki courses.

There are many skills that are taught in Level I that are often missed in many other Reiki classes. You need those to continue on to Level II or III with us.

To see what I mean, you can take the Reiki Level Quiz here:

The quiz gives you an idea about what specific skills you will be taught in the LunaHolistic courses that you may not know.

We want you to get the most value from all of the courses. We know from experience that Level I is possibly the most important class of all the levels for your growth and learning as a practitioner.

Self-healing, affirmations, and meditation are the backbone of the Reiki practice and support you as you do more work with others. The need for self-healing only intensifies and becomes more important as you progress through the levels.

In order to truly help another, we must also do the healing work ourselves. This builds compassion and empathy for your clients in a very real way. It is ultimately that compassion that allows us to become great healers. We don’t have to be perfect, but we do have to be doing our own work. Level I is a great class to give you a really solid base to grow.

If you have taken Level II, III, or Master Level with another teacher…

We recommend taking the Reiki Refresher Course and then continuing to Level III. This works well if you have a solid self-care and self-healing practice and you feel fairly confident in the Level II Reiki symbols.

If you need more help with your self-care or you are interested in teaching Reiki in the LunaHolistic style, we recommend starting at Level I. This will give you the in-depth training that you’ll need to support others in this dedicated practice.

Take the Reiki Level Quiz to see which class might work best for you.