Missing a class is no problem! If you cannot attend a class, due to circumstances beyond your control, just message your teacher. You may also attend virtually that day through Zoom.

Know that you will still learn what you need for that chakra even if you are not in class. Life brings you the lessons you need. Just do the homework and readings for the missed class and continue attending the other classes as normal.

But it’s no problem, we just catch you up on the class you missed. If you read the material in the manual and do the homework, then it should work out just fine.

You can also re-sit the entire course as many times as you like, as long as there is space, for free. So if you feel like you need more time with a level, you can take it. Just message your teacher to re-sit a level.

As long as you attend 5 out of 8 classes, and you receive the attunements, you can pass the level and continue on to the next course.

You can check out the upcoming schedule and register online.