Raven Healey

Reiki Master – Teacher at LunaHolistic

Raven Healey - Reiki Master - LunaHolistic.com

Hi! I’m Raven. I’m a Reiki Master and teacher here at LunaHolistic.

I am beyond grateful for my Reiki journey.

I love Reiki because it is healing beyond Time and Space!

In-Person & Virtual Sessions

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Go from Surviving to THRIVING!

My biggest reason why I do this work is the healing. Not only the self-healing but being able to share and pass on the healing to others.

Sometimes it can seem easier for us to focus on the things that are going wrong, and it can be hard to let go of the trauma and the pain from our past. We can get so stuck in it that it can seem almost impossible to pull ourselves out of that hole and live in the light, even if it is just for a moment.

When we have been living in survival mode for so long, it can be hard to accept the idea that thriving instead of surviving is a possibility. Reiki can help.

Reiki is everything! It is our divine connection, the energy found inside every person, in everything, and in every thought.

I love Reiki because it is healing beyond time and Space! - Raven Healey - LunaHolistic.com

My Healing Path

Reiki gifted me with the ability to not only survive my life but to THRIVE in it. Up until that point, I didn’t think it was a possibility for me to thrive in life.

But here I am! Loving my life!

I have a day job that I love, working as an MOA/Office Manager at an Addiction and Mental Health clinic. I have been able to become financially stable, have a place to live that I am obsessed with, and have surrounded myself with a loving, supportive, and caring community of like-minded people.

Helping Others Grow

When I am not in the office, I get to help people with their Reiki journeys as a Reiki Master practitioner at LunaHolistic, the same centre that helped me with my own journey!

I am a huge advocate for having accessible and affordable mental health services and helping to spread education about the importance of doing your own self-work.


Raven is a phenomenally gifted Reiki practitioner. Her insight and messages really helped me connect the dots on my healing.

She took care of the story I shared and helped to guide me to my clear intention for the session. Awesome!

Geneva, Reiki Master

Magic and Wonder

Alongside my Reiki journey, my journey as a Witch also developed. I became more involved in the witchy community, learned new skills to add to my craft, honed my intuitive gifts, and collected new skills that helped with my mental health and self-growth.

I use these gifts and skills in my current Reiki sessions. My psychic witch skills are prevalent during a Reiki session with me.

In your Reiki Session, there’s a possibility of receiving messages from your spirit guides and other messengers in your lineage. There’s also a possibility of Astral Travel through time and space to assist in your current healing journey.

Reiki sessions with me can be inside, outside, lying down, sitting up, dancing, moving, sitting still, in person, and or virtually.


Courses Taught by Raven

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Raven’s Reiki Courses
Spring 2024

Raven’s Reiki Courses
Fall 2024

My Reiki Transformation

My Reiki journey has not been an easy one to start, but it was necessary for my growth and to move from surviving into thriving. I am beyond grateful for my Reiki journey and the people in my lineage, who I attribute to helping me build a life for myself.

My story begins with being born into a family that suffers with addiction throughout our generations. My family originates from several indigenous reservations in Northern Alberta, and we are no strangers to the trauma and addiction that runs rampant through the communities and families.

My family suffered greatly from the struggle of addiction, and unfortunately, the inability to heal and work through the pain tore my family apart. My small family was cut off from the community and familiar connections and was plagued with more trauma, substance abuse, and death.

A huge turning point in my life was when my younger sister, Jordan, passed away from her addiction in December 2021. Up until this point, I had never felt anything as dark and as heavy as the grief that I felt from her body leaving this earth.

I had started my Level I Reiki journey before her passing, and I had tabled it to grieve this extreme loss. Several months later, after taking the time and space I needed to grieve and live in it, I was able to bring my head above water and make the decision to continue on with my Reiki journey. I was able to resit Level I at LunaHolistic and continue on to Levels II, III, and Masters.

Reiki had given me the tools to work through the trauma and pain of my past, what I was presently dealing with, and anything that would come in the future.