Alisia Marie

Reiki Master

Alisia Marie - Reiki Master -

Hi, I’m Alisia! I’m a Reiki Master and intuitive reader here at LunaHolistic.

Reiki helped me understand my true potential and allowed me to heal myself and learn to be kind to myself. Reiki is a beautiful ray of true sparkle within each person and, to me, that is the most important aspect within Reiki. Be kind and always show your sparkle!

I also offer readings on the past, present and future. This is a trait that in my family that stems back two generations!

In-Person & Virtual Sessions

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Kindness & Warmth

Reiki Creates Space to Heal

I have been involved with Reiki since 2009. I was first introduced to Reiki during a retreat in Quebec. I knew Reiki was for me because it really opened up a new way for me to understand what I have been experiencing and been through, and allowed for a place of safety and healing. I was certified as a Reiki Practitioner by Geneva Robins at LunaHolistic in 2019!

I love Reiki because there is no judgment, no shame, and no ego. Reiki is balanced. I have the gift of visions through Reiki and I am very grateful for this!

Meeting You Where You Are

I love meeting new people and helping them enter into a world they may be new to and help them understand their true potential!

My area of expertise is I understand where a person is and I can meet them where they need to be met. I truly want to help and be there as a professional practitioner but also show up in an emotional, spiritual, mental and physical way for each person as well.

I use crystals with my appointments as this allows for each person to be more involved in their sessions. I ask each person to pick out crystals that resonate with them when they first arrive!

The most common feedback I receive is that my sessions are combined with kindness, trust, warmth, and coping tools for each person after each session!

Reiki is a beautiful ray of true sparkle within each person and to me that is the most important aspect within Reiki. Be kind and always show your sparkle! Alisia Marie -

Alisia is a powerful Reiki Master who is aligned with the highest light. She brings a clear and steady focus to your intention that shines a light on your path ahead.

Everything gets so clear on the next healing steps after a session with Alisia. She’s a kind and supportive guide when you’re creating something big in your life and her intuitive insight resonates so well. I feel very lucky to get a session with her!

Geneva, Reiki Master

True Potential

My Journey… so far

I am a mother of two handsome young boys, I am wife to a loving and extremely supportive husband and I am a full time student in University. I am currently finishing my degree in psychology, while preparing for my application to the doctoral program specializing in clinical psychology.

I worked in the corporate world for 15 years as an Account Manager. During the pandemic my silver lining had created a space that aligned perfectly for me to go back to University to obtain my life long dream of earning my Psy.D

I love being outdoors, hiking in magical forests and boating in the lakes and in the ocean in BC!

Why I’m here

I love helping people understand their why and helping them move through their own emotions that might be locked up inside. It’s an honour to be the person who can hold space for them and ensure their safety and trust.