LunaHolistic Moon Calendar 2024


Flow with lunar energy to create waves of magic in your life.



Every day, the moon brings you new waves of energy. The moon influences the tides in the oceans, but it also has a powerful effect on us. Ancient cultures worldwide would use the moon’s energy to guide planting and harvesting cycles as well as timing journeys, business, and trade.

The LunaHolistic Moon Calendar 2024 calendar will help you flow with the energy to create waves of magic in your life. Drawing from many traditions, this calendar combines them in a simplified way using the chakra system as a simple colour-coded guide for the energy of each day. Note each day’s colour from the calendar and then favour activities that will harmonize with that chakra’s energy.

Set a new intention for every new moon and follow the manifesting cycle to create miracles in the world.
This calendar is packed with information and will help you flow with the energy and timing of the cosmos.
It’s like getting an energetic weather report each day.

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